Two Chances to win

You can win at the trivia and at the raffle drawing at the end.

Highly interactive

Players not only participate in both games - trivia and raffle - but they also get to choose categories.

Your vote counts

Players get to vote on the next question category, and the majority rules.

The smarter the better

The more questions you answer correctly, the more tickets you get for the final drawing.

That's Right Gameshow
The Live Gameshow App!

That's Right Gameshow
The Live Gameshow App!

"AWESOME GAME SHOW!!! Best Trivia App There is! Two changes to win and they pay immediately. Ching!"

"Innovative. Unique and addicting! You don't have to be perfect to win! Everybody has a chance. I'm hooked.

"So much fun! Unlike other trivia apps - if I miss a question I still have a chance to win some cash! Nice!"