• What time does Thats Right go live?

    9:15PM ET | 8:15PM CT | 6:15PM PT
  • What countries can I play Thats Right in?

  • What devices is Thats Right supported on?

    As of now, iOS devices only although we are already working on an Android version
  • How do I get the money I win?

    You will receive the money via PayPal
  • Is there a minimum to transfer my money to paypal?

    There is no minimum amount required for you to be able to withdraw your funds
  • Do I need to be connected to WIFI to play the game?

    No, you can also connect with your mobile connection
  • How much does it cost?

    The app is free to download and free to play
  • Do I win real money?

    Yes, the money you win is absolutely real
  • Why do I need to put in my phone number to sign up?

    So we can verify you are a real person. You are, right?
  • How do I add my paypal account?

    Once you win, you will enter your PayPal account information on the claim prize page
  • The app froze, what can I do?

    Wait for a few seconds. If that does not work, try closing and reopening the app