How to play

It's all about the Live Game

That's where all the fun (and rewards) are. Don't worry about missing even one - we'll notify you every time the party starts.

Open The App

When you get a push notification, head to the app.

Sharpen Your Minds

You only have 10 seconds to answer each question.

The Smarter The Better

You earn a reward ticket for every answer you get right! And the quicker you answer, the mroe tickets you get.

Your vote counts

You vote to select the next question category. Majority rules!

Push On or Cash Out

If you are left in the running for the trivia game, you get to vote whether to push on to eliminate more players or cash out. Majority rules.

The party is not over yet...

After the last question, you will have a chance to get more tickets with BONUS question.

That's not all... EVERYONE has

Even if you get every single question wrong, (and, c'mon, like that's going to happen), there's STILL a change to win in the end. Stay for the finish and get lucky in the raffle where we draw a winning ticket number with our super cool ball machine!

Let Paypal be your Treasure Chest

Once your landfall of winnings begin, Paypal makes raking it all up easy as the push of a button.

Let the fun begin...

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